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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at YCP chapter.

Whatever happened to the eyebrow trend known as “slaying?” The trend of fierce eyebrows that looked like this:

Have you seen the latest trends for eyebrows? Wavy eyebrows?!?! Halo eyebrows?!?! Feathered eyebrows?!?! And more!!!

I don’t know who started the following trends, but they need to go away.

The only place these trends could be utilized would be on a runway, but of course, there are people who are going to attempt to wear them in real life! I beg of you…PLEASE DON’T! In the end, it’s your life but you WILL stand out in the crowd.

But I suppose, if you wear these, then attention is exactly what you’re looking for. Amiright?




Barbed Wire:


(This one isn’t that bad. You wouldn’t be able to tell from afar, you know?)

McDonald’s Arches:


Christmas Tree:



(I must say, this one isn’t that bad, either)


FYI: The only split eyebrow trend I care for looks like this – called a slit (#the90sareback):

There are others, but I’m begging everyone: please let these die down. At the very least, don’t wear these in everyday life. There is a time and a place for everything….these eyebrow trends don’t fit in at every office and company.

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