Bachelor Winter Games

As many know the Bachelor is currently airing with Emily’s old flame Arie as the leading man. However, many might not be aware that there is a new Bachelor franchise spin off right around the corner. In honor (of course) of the 2018 Winter Games, ABC has decided to bring back many Bachelor “favorites” to compete in winter events and, of course, love in The Bachelor Winter Games.

The show is set to premiere on the day before Valentine’s Day, Tuesday February 13th, on ABC at 8pm EST.  It will include 14 international bachelors/bachelorettes along with 12 of America’s deemed favorites. It will be a 4 episode series with Chris Harrison as the host and, as always, will provide plenty of drama. It will doubtfully disappoint Bachelor Nation.

Let’s take a look at some of America’s fan favorites...but more importantly MY favorites:


Ben, 29

Didn't get his “happily ever after” with Lauren as his spin off show suggested or with Kaitlyn the first time around, but maybe he will find it during this winter season? 

Dean, 26

Rejected by Rachel on The Bachelorette and rejected Kristina and D.Lo on Bachelor in Paradise….maybe he has learned from his mistakes and is ready for love this time around. Is the third time the charm?


Honestly, a perfect catch and would’ve been my top choice for The Bachelor this season. He didn’t make it with Jojo (who is currently still happily engaged to Jordan) but this ex-marine is a fighter. 


Ashley I., 29

Hardly a favorite of mine but she still nonetheless brings the drama. She has been on The Bachelor, two seasons on Bachelor in Paradise and any other chance she gets to be on TV. While she has always been dead set on her crush Jared, maybe she has finally learned from love or rather her lack of it. 

Claire, 36

She has been off the radar for sometime after being heart broken by Juan Pablo and leaving empty handed on Bachelor in Paradise….maybe she will find some new animals to talk to as so often portrayed during her time on the franchise?

Well, be sure to tune in to this event...although I am sure it will be hard to look away.