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4 Things to Bring to the Beach

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at YCP chapter.

We all know that we can’t wait for the college semester to finally be over, so we can submerge ourselves in the ocean water and walk along the shore. Summer is almost here and soon you’ll be able to lay on the beach as the sound of the ocean waves lull you to sleep. Not to mention get sand in the most inappropriate places.

The beach is a great place to vacation, but here are a few things to remember to bring:

1. Sunscreen

If you are going to be catching some rays and waves at the beach, show your skin some love and make sure you wear sunscreen. Skin cancer is no joke. Even if you are tanning in the sun, make sure you at least put some sunscreen on. I burn easily just for being outside for an hour. I’m always covered up in my rash guard shirt and constantly reapplying sunscreen because sunburn is not fun, especially if your allergic to some of the aloe vera gels.

2. A Good Book

Every time I’m at the beach, I devour at least three books in a week. If it’s a rainy day at the beach and you don’t feel like going to sit under a damp umbrella, then lounge on a chair and read a book inside.

3. A Deck of Playing Cards

If it’s a dull day at the beach, then shuffle a deck of cards and lay them out on a towel. You can play a game by yourself or with a group of friends. Some suggested card games include Rummy, Spit, Crazy Eights, Solitaire, and Go Fish. Rummy and Spit are my favorite games.

4. Sand Toys

I don’t know about you, but I still like to build sandcastles even though I’m 22. I never go to the beach without bringing sand toys. Sand toys keep your younglings entertained for a while before they decide to eat sand. Who knows, maybe you can even trick your friend into being buried in the sand.


Marisa is a Senior at York College of Pennsylvania majoring in Professional Writing. She loves to read and play video games. She is overjoyed to share her experiences with Her Campus.