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Your Spring Fling Essentials

The forecast isn’t exactly ideal to bust out your Macklemore inspired fur coat tomorrow. With a 70% chance of rain holding steadily throughout the day, Yalies hoping to enjoy the  nice spring weather will be sorely disappointed. However, as always, we will persist and nothing, not even a little rain, will stand in our way of seeing JaRule. So to combat the rain, take HerCampus’ tips on what to wear to be prepared for whatever Spring Fling throws at us this year.

  1. Windbreaker: If you’re a fan of the thrift store, swing by Salvo and they’ll surely have more than enough options for a retor-inspired (or, actually retro) windbreaker that will keep you warm and dry during the day’s events. Neon color-blocking adds a fun twist to a classic black jacket.
  2. Fun leggings: Again, it is spring fling and Yalies like to go all-out. So don’t hold back or be tame when looking for a fun pair of leggings. American Apparel on Broadway is a fan favorite for leggings with flair, boasting floral, metallic and even patriotic inspired options . Another added bonus: not only are they stylish but they’ll be sure to keep you warm in the chilly temperature forecasted for today.
  3. Throwaway Shoes: Yes your favorite wedges would look “Soooo cuuuute” with the outfit you’re planning, but I PROMISE you they will be destroyed within two hours. Trust me, wear a pair of shoes that you could not care less about. The Jimmy Choos can wait. Honorable Mention: Rainboots- these are a great choice- imagine yourself running around in a crowd, getting stepped on and splashing in puddles on old campus. Not fun right? But it is if you have rain boots.
  4. Sunglasses: Yes it will be raining but sunglasses are always a must for spring fling. Along the lines of shoes, wear a pair that you don’t care too much about losing. I wish I could guarantee that you won’t lose them but sadly it’s not too likely. But in the off-chance that you do manage to hold onto them for more than an hour, maybe you’ll be prepared if the sun decides to shine later on in the day!

Dress to impress! JaRule will be watching….

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