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Weekly Superlatives: YGT

This week we get the inside look into the reigning ECAC Championship team: Yale Gymnastics. This active, fun, and upbeat team is known for their group unity among campus. When asked what each member is“most likely to…”, these were the girls’ responses about their teammates. Enjoy getting to know a little bit more about the gymnasts on YGT!

Most likely to….

      Be the life of every party: Senior, Sloane Smith

Be the best stay at home wife: Junior, Sarah Caldwell

Graduate and be super successful:  Freshman, Rowan Palmer

Shave her head “just because”: Senior Captain, Allison Bushman

Get married first: Sophomore, Anna Jennings

Get ID’d when she’s 30: Freshman, Alyssa Firth

Make the weirdest sound at a completely inappropriate time: Sophomore, Jade Buford

Be a cat lady: Sophomore, Emma Firmstone

Get in a fight with a fan at a hockey game: Freshman, Izze Lee

Have a child born addicted to Starbucks: Junior, MC Fletcher

Drop her phone in the toilet: Freshman, Jacey Baldovino

Survive the Hunger Games: Sophomore, Sofia Menemenlis

Forever be loved by parents: Freshman, Charlotte Cooperman

Die of a rare disease: Sophomore, Carly Israel

Talk your ear off: Sophomore, Rebecca Chong

Have her own cooking show: Senior, Megan Ryan

Win the lottery and lose the ticket: Junior, Roxie Trachtenberg

Become a motivational speaker: Junior, Kiarra Alleyne

Never be single: Junior, Jessica Wang


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