The Ultimate Yale Starter Pack

The Ultimate Yale Starter Pack

*Article by Anna Jennings*

If you.... 

- don’t look like you’re about to go hiking with your backpack, then do you actually go to Yale? 

-are in dire need of some socially safe rain boots..Hunters are the brand for you! Don’t worry about buying the same color as someone else, 3/4 of the girls on campus already have them! 

-don’t have Christmas lights up in your dorm during the fall, winter, spring, and summer, then can you really host a pregame? 

-don’t have a laptop or water bottle that isn’t plastered with random redbubble stickers, then both of them must not be fully functional. How else could everyone know that you went to Coachella or love your hometown? 

-don’t own a $1000 Canada Goose Jacket, then what could you possibly wear in the cold tundra of New Haven? 

-don’t carry a Louis Vitton purse as a backpack that looks like it’s $30 from Target, then you’re obviously doing something wrong. 

-don’t mobile order your grande, non-fat, white chocolate mocha with 2 pumps of caramel and whip cream and snapchat it....did you actually go to Starbucks? 

-are looking for a culture shock..heads up to the West Coast kids that are about to drop $120 on some construction worker boots. Boy, are they universal! 


What could be more stereotypical than one of the best universities in the world? Well, this article actually. Most students have seen numerous “starter packs” on Twitter and Instagram, and my first thought was to attempt to make one for my university. As I got to thinking, i realized this task would be a lot easier than intended. While a number of you are counting how many of these stereotypical materialistic items you own, I have the privilege of saying I fall under half these categories as well!