On Sundays, We Brunch

*Photo by PicJumbo, Article by Anna Jennings: freshman in Silliman College*

It is a known fact that brunch is THE most vital meal during a relaxing weekend (or every day, quite honestly). Although New Haven has some great pizza places for the foodies in town, the brunch spots around Yale's campus are second to none. How refreshing is it to be sitting around a table having slept in, catching up on friends’ lives, and eating yummy breakfast food? I think it could be the best idea of all time. So if you are looking for those instagram-worthy brunch spots, here are my top 3 places near Yale’s campus to meet, mingle, and munch with your best friends.

1) The Study: Heirloom

If you have ever brunched in the streets of Manhattan at a fancy restaurant, you can relate to how it feels to eat at Heirloom at this beautiful New Haven hotel. This place truly has all the essentials: elaborate cloth napkins, waiters and waitresses who look like spies, intricate lighting fixtures, and of course, how could I forget the classy furniture? You can expect a bit pricier food ranging from about $15.00 to $25.00 for the main dishes: fluffy pancakes, homemade french toast, and obviously the thick, handmade dark hot chocolate. Y-U-M. The Study is the PERFECT place to bring your parents for a nice brunch, especially if they're picking up the bill! Appetizing, lavish, and a brief walk from campus, I could not think of anything better. 

2) The Pantry

This one is well worth the wait. Customers patiently wrap around outside this building for a chance to brunch at this local breakfast place. The tiny yet charming restaurant is filled with vintage posters on all walls but you’ll have minimal time to study them because their seating is fast and their service is faster. And not to mention their menu is quite short and to the point. No need for skepticism though because their food does not fall short of perfect. Personally, their potatoes are memorable for being nicely seasoned and exquisite all at the same time. If you’re looking for a fancy, creative brunch, the Pantry probably isn’t it. They are well known for their classic dishes that are made from scratch. If diner food is what you are after, The Pantry is your perfect match. 

3) Maison Mathis

Need a pick me up? A wake up call? This bright, white walled, French inspired brunch spot is the place for you. From their Latte Art to their caramel drizzled waffles, you will not be disappointed. If you are known for your “flare for fanciness," there is no better place.

After studying these three miraculous brunch places, it leaves me with this one question: Who doesn't love breakfast food at all hours of the day? No one.