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Dear Scorpio,

The moon will be passing through super emotional signs this week, starting with Taurus and ending in dramatic Cancer. You are not a sign who is good with your emotions, and sometimes you fake your feelings and make people think you care when you do not because it is what you think you should do. Do not do that. This week the moon is going to push you to genuinely feel and that may be a challenge for you. 

Dear Sagittarius,
This week your job is going to throw you a curve ball. You may feel as if you have been working super hard and it has been paying off so far, but sadly this week things are going to change. Luckily your free-spirited nature is pretty good at rolling with the punches, so hopefully you turn a bad situation into a good situation this week. 


Dear Capricorn,  

Last week was a pretty relaxed one for you and this upcoming week will also be pretty easy for you. We are in the peak of Scorpio season, which hopefully means that you will not be asked to share any of your feelings this week, so you will be able to fly under the radar. If you just keep your head down low, you probably will be able to avoid any drama. 


Dear Aquarius, 

Unlike most signs, you like this moment of the year. Being a December baby, you are pretty happy to have it become dark early and have it be bright in the morning. With everyone else feeling pretty blue, you have the power to spread some for your positivity this week. 


Dear Pisces,

Get ready to stand out this week! You are about to get more attention than you wanted. Whether it is going to be from a parent, a significant other, a friend, or a teacher, someone is going to ask you to be more available than you have been. This may feel like extra pressure but try and look at this upcoming moment with optimism as it signifies that are you are truly loved and wanted.


Dear Aries,

Every act, big or small, you preform defines you. Sometimes you get too focused on the big picture, and how you treat people in general, and you do not focus on the smaller details. This would be a great week to pause and make sure you hold open the doors for those around you. With the moons passing through Cancer, your emotional side will be stronger, so you may be self-motivated to be extra kind.  


Dear Taurus,

This is going to be a great week for you. You may have been feeling a little lonely or misunderstood lately, but things are about to pick up for you! Get ready for your love life to bloom as a Cancer or a Libra are drawn to you. If you are open-hearted, you are going to get to have a lot of fun. 


Dear Gemini,

Karma is about to bite you in the ass this week. You have done some pretty nasty things lately, maybe out of self-defense or protection, but it is all about to catch up with you. With Cancer being in power, those with a good nature are about to make you feel remorse for all the wrong you have done and the pain you have caused others. 


Dear Cancer,

Get ready for your emotions to be intense this week. As everyone else is going to be a little more sensitive than usual, you will probably cry a few times this week. You may have a fight with someone important to you, probably one of your best friends, but if you keep your cool it will all work out on the end. 


Dear Leo,

This is going to be a complicated week for you. With the days getting shorter and there being less light, you are one of the most affected signs. You do not actually mind the cold, and actually enjoy the coziness. Your energy has been brought down and hopefully Cancer ruling the moon will balance your avoidance of your emotions, so you will be able to be calm and in touch with your emotions this week. 


Dear Virgo,

A bump in the road is coming your way this week. It has been pretty smooth sailing for you so far, but this week as emotions are stirred you are going to be put in uncomfortable situations. You may feel as if you are losing your power, as your friends or boss force you to confront difficult feelings, but just remember everything will work out. 


Dear Libra, 

This is a week for you to make amends with those you have wronged. You are such an emotional sign that sometimes you forget that you can hurt those around you, and you are not the only one who gets hurt. This would be a great week for you to apologize to someone who may have hurt recently. 


Maisie Molot is an aspiring photographer. She loves to convey a story through an image, and also loves to write.
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