Frat Boys On Love

Some might say love is complicated. Others may say love is beautiful, or perhaps exhausting, or maybe even essential to fulfilling the human tank of happiness. 

One thing I think we can all agree on, however, is that love is very complex, and everyone thinks about it a little differently. I wanted to ask around and find various views on what love is so that I could fully understand it myself, which led me to thinking to myself, "Who knows more about love than frat boys?!" (Ha. Ha. Ha.) 

So, here we are. Here are just a few opinions on the true meaning of love:


The Sig Nu Boys say:

     "Love is dope."

     " Love is ‘The soul's recognition of its counterpoint in another’ -Owen Wilson, Wedding Crashers"

Very genuine, gentlemen. Thank you so much for your extensive insight into the matter.


The Sig Ep Boys say:

     "Love is letting her pull the covers completely off you and not pulling them back or saying anything about it in the morning.”

     "Love is an unstoppable force."

Ok, that's actually pretty cute. Good work, Sigma Epsilon. 


The Zeta Psi Boys say:

     "Love is different."

    "Love is unpredictable."

Ah, the Zeta boys. Men of very few words. Who says you can't find love in the Zeta Basement?


The Chi Psi Boys say:

     "Love is my 7th grade crush."

     "Love is a score of 0 in tennis or squash"

To the first boy: you should really call her then. I bet you can find her on Facebook. To the second: you're such an asshole. 


The DKE Boys say:

     "Love is getting Sobotka off the aux so everyone can resume having fun"

     "Love is just a word guys never use."

DKE love. Always for the boys. You have to love the consistency. 


The AEPi Boys say: 

     "Love is what keeps me going."

Winner. You win.