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Fall in Love with Fall

We all know and love the feeling of summer; the salty air making your hair turn that perfect beach wave, your skin glowing a tan, and having all the freedom in the world. And going back to school isn’t nearly as enticing- late night papers, classes, and the start of chilly weather. But these aren’t all unfortunate! With the first feel of brisk air comes the thought of pulling on that nice comfy sweater, that snug pair of leggings, and drinking a hot cup of coffee. Here are some favorite fall pieces that you can pair with virtually anything, and will make you fall back in love with fall. 


That favorite pair of jeans can be hard to give up, but try changing it up! Beige pants, denim or not, are great for fall, as they can lighten up your look, not to mention they go with anything! 


Sweaters are a staple in any season’s wardrobe. Try making your sweaters more fashionable for fall by wearing a longer, flowy top underneath. Now, you’re cozy and look way more put together!


Not only do scarves provide much needed warmth, but they also give that extra boost of style. As the weather gets colder, try thicker scarves. Our favorite look: infinity scarves. Pair with anything; a thin t-shirt, a thick sweater, or a lightweight jacket!


The weather might be getting cooler, but the sun is still out! Avoid the glare with some very in-style mirrored sunglasses. 


We all have our makeup go-tos, but this fall’s new NAKED palette is a must have. Go either light or dark, day or night, and blend together to create your own personal shade!

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