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To Do List: Blizzard Nemo

Winter Storm Nemo has officially made its presence known not only across Yale’s Campus but also throughout the entire Northeast region.  This week’s To Do List gives you a few ideas about some exciting ways to make the most of these wintery days!

To Do List:


There has never been a more appetizing time than now to rent out your residential college’s kitchen for a few hours with some friends to put your culinary skills to the test.  If the trek to Durfees or Gourmet Heaven for ingredients seems too daunting, you can always incorporate foods found right inside your dining hall. My suggestion? Zuchinni bread is always a classic wintertime treat, requiring only brown sugar, zuchinni, flour and cinnamon. Or opt for some Valentines Day cookies with fun stencils, frosting and sprinkles! Regardless of what’s on your menu, the kitchen is a perfect (and productive!) way to spend a snowy afternoon.

Girl’s Night In

There aren’t many better ways to spend a night than relaxing in the common room with your best friends.  Thanks to Nemo, you guys now have an excuse to whip out the nail polish, lounge around in blankets and hang out all night! Play a fun board game (Apples to Apples is a classic) or opt for one of your own creation, such as Never Have I Ever or Would You Rather? If you have a TV, catch up on your favorite shows or pop in a timeless classic like Titanic. Important Note: Hot chocolate is a requirement, with whipped cream highly suggested. 

Channel Your Inner Photographer

I’ll be the first one to admit it- I’m not a great photographer.  But thanks to Instagram, no one has to know this! Take advantage of the beautiful white snow before it turns to grey slush and capture some images of Yale’s gorgeous campus blanketed in snow. Make your friends at warm southern schools jealous that they didn’t fall victim to Nemo’s wrath.  Noticeably breathtaking places to capture a great shot are Pierson and Silliman Courtyards, Harkness Tower, and Cross Campus. Find your own to add to the list.

Play In the Snow!

Yes, we are perpetually busy college students with no time for nonsense. I’m sorry, but this is inexcusable when the ground is covered in two feet of snow that is simply begging to be played in. Gather a group of your friends and host a boys vs. girls snowball fight in the courtyard. Or choose an equally as fun activity (with less impact) and craft a giant snowman or igloo. Old Campus already is home to a significant amount of snowmen and somebody needs to challenge the freshmen! If you are still looking for more of an adventure, bring a saucer, tray or whatever else you can fashion into a sled to the Divinity School hill, which apparently is the perfect venue for sledding. Make sure to capture the moment on video when that one friend goes flying off their sled into the snow. We all know it’s going to happen to someone- cross your fingers that it’s not you!

Brave the Cold and Hit The Town

I know this seems like it is asking a lot, but upon reflection, it really is not that difficult of a task! People who ventured out in the midst of the storm Friday night are still alive and report that they had a great time! Keep in mind that traveling is the hard part.  Once you arrive at your destination, the storm virtually becomes a nonfactor. Venues haven’t closed; on the contrary, Box and Toad’s are still very much open for business.  Additionally, fraternities that were planning on hosting activities this weekend are staying strong in the face of Nemo’s terror. 

Call Your Family From Home

Last week I received an email from my grandfather who lives in Florida, mandating that I keep him updated everyday on the storm’s progression and in turn, he will keep me in his prayers.  Yes, this may seem extreme but if your only connection to Nemo were the media, you would probably be terrified as well.  Not to downplay the potential dangers of the storm, but if you are doing well then consider calling your family to remind them of this.  Even if they are already assured of your safety, it never hurts to check in and catch up!

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