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6 Perfect Movies For Fall

Fall is still among us! So let’s enjoy the leaves turning red and golden while we can, because winter is coming…As the temperature gradually drops, we all have the urge to cozy up with our favorite movies and indulge in that wonderful autumn atmosphere. Here are classic movies that help you enjoy this beautiful fall weather to the fullest.

1.     Good Will Hunting


This 1997 American classic about Will Hunting, a janitor at MIT with incredible skills in mathematics, and the psychologist Dr. Sean Maguire is a touching movie, full of genuine emotions and wit: perfect for cuddling up on the couch on a rainy afternoon in October.

2.     Hannah And Her Sisters


Woody Allen’s comedy-drama begins and ends with traditional Thanksgiving dinners, following the lives and loves of a family over two years. The film contains several amazing scenes of New York in the Fall. It is a must if you really want to ready yourself for the transition from summer to autumn.

3.     When Harry Met Sally


“Can two friends sleep together and still love each other in the morning?” In this romantic comedy two college graduates, Harry Burns and Sally Albright, are confronted with this question over a 12-year period, as their relationship matures. ‘When Harry Met Sally’ is a truly engaging movie about the friendship between males and females, romance and sex.

4.     Garden State


Andrew Largeman’s journey back to his hometown for the funeral of his mother reconnects him with some of his friends and his decision to stop taking antidepressants also causes him to reconnect with himself. When he meets Sam, a girl who also suffers from several maladies, his life changes completely. This beautiful comedy-drama really wants us to throw on an oversize sweater and clutch a cup of hot chocolate.

5.     500 Days of Summer


This nonlinear love story between boy and girl, Tom and Summer is told from Tom’s perspective. Their relationship is portrayed in a refreshingly honest way, going through funny and sad moments, ups and downs. It is the story of an unpredictable, unique and funny love affair, perfect for our emotional autumn phase.

6.     Dead Poets Society


“Oh captain, my captain.” Who doesn’t love ‘Dead Poets Society’? Robin Williams as unconventional English teacher at a conservative boarding school was probably one of his most glorious roles. Seeing all these boys step up for their teacher against one-sided parents and school officials should place you in the right mood to brave the miserable weather that also often comes with autumn.   



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