Xavier Lingo



Moving on to a college campus isn’t the easiest experience already, but when you can’t keep up with all of the abbreviations and nicknames being thrown around, you might feel even more out of place. Here’s a cheat sheet for some of the most important Xavier lingo:


  • Muskies - Abbreviation of Musketeers. Hopefully, you at least knew this one. 


  • Dart - D’Artagnan, or the Musketeer mascot!


  • Xavier Fest - a giant concert close to the end of the year. Usually takes place a few days before finals start. 


  • Father B - Father Al Bischoff who is essentially the sweetest man you can find on Xavier’s campus. He greets everyone with, “Hello, Saint.” He presides over the 4 pm Student Mass on campus.


  • Chartwells - The company which owns and runs all dining on campus, such as the caf, Victory Perk, and All For Subs.


  • O’Connor - The gym. We should all know this one. It’s across Victory Parkway and free for students!


  • GSC - Gallagher Student Center. Because that’s a mouthful when you’re talking about it.


  • Dana’s - Dana’s Garden is a bar on Dana Avenue that essentially became part of the Xavier tradition. Their specialty drink is a Herschel, a sweet and potent pink drink created by longtime bartender, Herschel. No one’s quite sure what is in it. 


  • Stones - a bowling alley on Montgomery. It’s usually the popular spot to go the Tuesday after a return from break. 


  • 513 - area code for Cincinnati. 


  • OTR - Over the Rhine. An area north of downtown with a variety of restaurants, shops, and things to do. 


Hopefully, now you won’t be quite as confused! Welcome to Xavier first years!