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Why Every Girl Should Have A Guy BFF

A guy friend is one of the best BFFs a girl can have. But, as we know, there can be some complications that come along with a mixed-gender friendship. Despite all that, having a male best friend is so worth it – and we’ll tell you why. 

Starting off, don’t worry if one of you is in a relationship. It can sometimes help diffuse awkwardness or tension and relieves some of that societal pressure of the best friends falling in love cliche to come true. Once you become close, your guy friend becomes the person you can literally talk to about anything. You don’t have worry because, unlike your girlfriends, he’ll always tell you how it really is… not just what you want to hear.

The best thing is having sleepovers and watching movies into the morning hours and laughing together until your stomach hurts. Borrowing his clothes is totally acceptable, but unlike a boyfriend, you have to return his clothes eventually. Also unlike having him as a boyfriend, there isn’t an awkward phase of self-consciousness. He’ll always be there for when you need advice, and he’ll even pretend to be your boyfriend when you’re out and getting unwanted attention from sleazy guys. But if there’s someone who catches your eye, he can also be the best wingman ever. 

From the outside, people always assume you two are dating, or question why you’re not. Sure, it’s not necessary for you two to like each other romantically or for someone to be harboring unrequited feelings for the other. But, if one of you starts to catch feelings for the other person it can awkward trying to navigate through those new feelings. It’s a false stereotype that people can’t get out of the “friend zone,” but you might really have to think hard about what kind of relationship you want with your guy friend. Once one friend starts liking the other, everything they do becomes ten times more adorable and you might have to hide your feelings until you’re ready to risk it all. Telling that person how you feel is one of the scariest things to do. Even though you know everything about them, the risk of them not feeling the same way and ruining everything is terrifying. But maybe he feels the same way, and that’s when magic happens. Everyone always says “date your best friend”, so if you get that opportunity, go for it! It can actually be the best feeling, like no other imaginable. 

In all, having a guy as one of your best friends can give you such a different perspective on your own life as well as allowing you to grow as a person. While you may or may not end up having romantic feelings for someone, having a person that you can talk to about anything is worth it.

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