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1. These lip kits are amazing!

2. Miners deserve basic human rights.

3. Outrageous secrets that have to be shared!


4. Absolutely unbelievable.

5. If the other diet doesn’t work, maybe this one will!

6. Thoughts and prayers.

7. The end must be coming soon!

8. Talk about a bad day at work.

9. I can’t believe this!


10. This one is the craziest of all.

Amber Lauzé is a senior Entrepreneurial Studies and Management double major from Auburn, Maine. When not writing for HCXU, she can found at one of her many jobs, or hunting for her cat that likes to hide in blankets.
Mallory (Mal) Williams is a Junior Digital Media and Advertising major, Writing minor from Chino Hills, California. When she’s not writing articles, she’s a hummus enthusiast, proud owner of a record collection, and the biggest fan of the planet Saturn you'll ever meet. 
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