Struggles of Wearing Contacts

1. Putting them in.

It’s a struggle to get contacts in. I still struggle with putting them in even though I’ve been wearing them for a while. Sometimes they corporate and sometimes they don’t. One thing to check is if you’re putting it in correctly.

2. Taking them out.

It’s even more of a struggle to get them out. Sometimes it stings to take them out. And sometimes, it takes forever for me to get them out.

3. The stinging you feel when trying to put them in.

I recently learned that the stinging feeling comes for the fact your eyes are still tired while you’re trying to put something “foreign” in it.

4. When they rip while on your eyes.

This happened multiple times to me. It feels like there’s an eyelash in your eye. But this “eyelash” makes your eyesight blurry.

5. When they start to dry out.

This is one of the worst feelings, especially after falling asleep with them in (which I’ve done my fair share of). This has taught me to carry some eye drops around with me.

6. When your eyes start to sting randomly.

This could be due to putting them in wrong even when you thought you put them in right. I recently had this problem and because I rubbed my eye, it started watering. I was in my class when this started happening and hoped no one noticed my eye was watering. Otherwise, they might have thought I was crying. Also, when my eyes have that stinging sensation, especially the next morning, I can’t even put in contacts. Therefore, I have to wear my glasses for the day.

7. Wanting to take a nap... but contacts.

Do you wear them to take a nap and wake up with them dry? Do you take them out... but what if you have no contact case to store them in? Do you take them out and then put news one in after your nap? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯