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Stop Ruining Friendships with the Friendzone

Ahhh the Friendzone, a mythical place that younger generations have created to handle the pain of rejection from a person of their interest. This simple term could be seen as a playful and more amicable way to reject the possible idea of becoming significant others. However, some deeper meanings and misunderstandings come from the term “friendzone.” Being “Friendzoned” could mean multiple different things depending on the situation. However, in more instances than not, it is demeaning to both parties and could bring along more issues.

Everyone chooses who they want in their lives, whether it be significant others or friends. However, the friendzone can force uncomfortable situations because of rejection. Some women feel the need to use the Friendzone to protect themselves from the repercussion of rejecting a guy who they might not have an interest in. The common phrase after rejection, “let’s just be friends,” is an extremely misleading and empty phrase that is unwarranted in most situations because both parties would not want that solution. Rejection of a romantic relationship should not immediately equate to a platonic relationship because it can create an awkward relationship due to one member feeling resentment towards the other. 

The friend zone also devalues friendship by making it a compromise after the rejection of a romantic relationship. Being blessed with friends that you truly love is one of the greatest feelings someone could experience. However, friendship as a compromise demeans it to a place where lonely lovers are placed after rejection. Doing so will also create a toxic relationship since there will always be one individual in the relationship that may act off relationship love rather than the platonic, unconditional love that friends are supposed to give each other! 

            The idea of the Friendzone also throws out the possibility of friends developing into a romantic relationship. Often, romantic relationships begin with friendship, as the platonic, unconditional love that friends give could easily turn into romance. However, the present notion of the friendzone only fuels the narrative that friends are rejected lovers. It can also encourage some men to “simp”, or act overly nice to a woman, hoping that it will lead to a romantic relationship. 

            Friends from all different backgrounds are valuable, although friends that provide platonic, unconditional love are even more necessary. We live in a world with daily struggles, and friends could help make living each day a lot easier. By labeling this toxic idea as “friendships,” the notion of having a friend is devalued and creates unhealthy relationships since both parties are participating in the friendship they did not want.


From Connecticut! Currently a Senior with a double major in Psychology and Philosophy. If he's not writing another essay, you could probably find him doing something outdoors.
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