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Salary Negotiation Program March 26th

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Xavier chapter.

You’ve just landed your first grown-up job. You’re ecstatic with yourself that you managed through all the anxiety that arises from the hiring process, but guess what? It’s not over yet.

Salary negotiations are next.

In 2016, women earned about 82 cents for every dollar a man made. But what can we do to change that?

Negotiation increases wages and moves the population toward closing the gap, but women are more likely to accept the salary they are initially offered. That means we’re leaving money on the table.

On March 26th from 6-7:30pm, Xavier Women in Business will be hosting a Salary Negotiation Program held in Alter 007. This program is a workshop for college students to learn about the process of salary negotiation in order to prepare for conversations with future employers. Their goal is to help you not leave money on the table and receive what you deserve.

Tasha Young is a senior Marketing and Communications major from Dallas, Texas. She is the Marketing Manager and Co-Correspondent for Her Campus Xavier and the Vice President of Xavier's Women In Business. She's a giant comic book nerd who loves Mexican food, pokehunting with her dog, and playing video games with her boyfriend.