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Girls Night Dinner Party
Girls Night Dinner Party
Breanna Coon / Her Campus

Non-Political Things to Talk to Your Family About at Christmas

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Xavier chapter.



Trying to avoid awkward political discussions during your family’s Christmas gathering? Here are some less controversial things to talk about instead!

The best Pop Christmas jams

Has “Santa Tell Me” topped “All I Want for Christmas is You?”

Explaining to your Grandma what a VSCO girl is

This could take a while.

Everyone’s favorite flicks available on Disney+

Reminisce on DCOMs of old.

 The local sportsball team

Okay, maybe this one could get a little controversial…

Everyone’s favorite family recipes

Mine’s the pumpkin pie!



Whatever you do… steer clear of the impeachment inquiries and the Democrats’ presidential candidate pool.

Margot Bond

Xavier '20

Margot is a senior Economics, Sustainability, and Society major with minors in Political Science and Gender and Diversity Studies from Louisville, Kentucky. In addition to writing articles for Her Campus, she is a Resident Assistant at Xavier and involved in student sustainability. She loves listening to John Mayer, watching Netflix, and doing crosswords with her boyfriend. Most importantly, she is 100% a cat person.
Tasha Young is a senior Marketing and Communications major from Dallas, Texas. She is the Marketing Manager and Co-Correspondent for Her Campus Xavier and the Vice President of Xavier's Women In Business. She's a giant comic book nerd who loves Mexican food, pokehunting with her dog, and playing video games with her boyfriend.