My Myro Review-Going Low Waste

I have recently been working toward becoming more sustainable and attempting to be as low impact as possible. 


Personal care and hygiene items seem to be some of the most difficult to find in zero waste packaging. One item that I certainly wasn’t going to give up, but wanted a better solution was deodorant. 


I've found plenty of alternatives you can make yourself, but I am not a DIY wizard. Instead, I ended up finding Myro


Myro is a deodorant in a reusable case, where you can easily swap out the deodorant pods with regular refills you receive in the mail. They have a variety of scents, with bacteria-neutralizing citrus, probiotics, and aloe. The formula is vegan, plus gluten, soy and mineral oil free. The case and pods are both recyclable as well!


Purchasing experience.


Super easy! You’re able to choose your case coloring from a variety of 5 colors, which you get for free on your first purchase. 



You also are able to choose from a variety of scents, with different aesthetic names and interesting undertones. I ordered Pillow Talk, which was described as:

Sweet nothings mean everything

Violet leaf + Ylang Ylang + Wild Amyris

Next inputting of your information, including your subscription style for how often and where you would like to receive your refills. They ensure that this can be altered at a later date, if necessary. Plus, free shipping on your first purchase!


The packaging was all cardboard and paper, so I could recycle/compost the box! Bonus!


Now, for what matters, the results.


The pod is easy to insert into the case, just slide and click into place, then remove the lid. 


Putting on Myro, it feels like an odd mix between solid, traditional white deodorant and a more clear liquid style. However, it does have a white coloring. While putting it on, it feels slightly wet, but dries rather quickly. I haven’t experienced an issue of it transferring onto my clothes once it’s dry. 


Disclaimer, I’m not much of a heavy sweater, but I did start using Myro while living in Texas’ summer heat. 


Myro kept me feeling clean and I could still smell it well after lunch. Because of the convenient and unlabeled case, it’d be easy to keep Myro with you if you’re a heavy sweater or just in need of an extra swipe on a hot day. 


All in all, I’d recommend Myro as a low impact deodorant that still does it’s job.