Make Your Mall Trip Count

The mall is that temptress that truly tests your self-restraint. After all, the whole point is to spend some money, right? Well, here’s a few ways to make some of that money back.

1. SurveyMini

SurveyMini is an app that tracks your location with its patent-pending visit-detection technology. It sends you surveys that apply to the specific places you visit. The surveys take at most five minutes and give you a variety of points in return (100 - 1000), which you can use in exchange for gift cards for places like AMC theaters, iTunes or Google Play, Restaurants, or even a Visa gift card. They can also give you additional offers like coupons or freebies.

2. JobSpotter

One of my personal favorites that is so incredibly easy to use. JobSpotter is an app by the hiring site Indeed. All you do is take and submit photos of help wanted signs and the store’s sign. For every submission, you can receive anywhere from $.05 to $1.50 onto an Amazon gift card. And you can redeem your balance at any time! I’ve received $50 since this summer through this app alone!

3. Shopkick

This is a points app (or kicks, as they call them) that will connect with your location. So as soon as you enter certain stores, you will receive kicks! You can also receive them for scanning certain items’ barcodes and purchasing certain items and uploading a picture of your receipt! Or, you can connect your credit card, and it will automatically reimburse you a percentage for a rebate. This app works at a variety of stores like Hallmark, American Eagle Outfitters (and Aerie), Macy’s, Yankee Candle, Fabletics, etc. It also works for grocery and convenience stores! You can be rewarded for as little as 500 kicks, earning you a $2 gift card! This one is honestly all about remembering to open the app because it is really easy to build up points. They also have a variety of gift cards you can earn towards! If you use code COOL827238 we’ll both receive 250 kicks!