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We’ve all got the #Squad. Those number one fans that follow us on social media, feverishly liking everything we post, share a group chat with, share crazier nicknames, and no matter how far apart we are, we always connect somehow. I’m using my own long distance squad to give you real #SquadGoals.

Group Chat

Stay connected, stay updated. We all post about what’s happening in our lives every day in the same group chat we’ve had since high school. We share selfies, random pics, about our days, and ask for advice all in one place conveniently titled: Fairy Cuties Squad. We even each pitched in to nickname each other; no one was responsible for their own name in the chat.

Video Calls

Sometimes just chatting isn’t enough. We plan a time to all get on Oovoo and video chat each other while playing an online version of Cards Against Humanity. Our favorite game with our favorite people all in one place! Headphones required.

Amazon Wish Lists

Everyone has been moving states and cities constantly. We’ve gone from group holiday parties to strategically planning out gift giving before someone runs off again, so we started using Amazon. Everyone has their list shared with each other and on birthdays and Christmas, we peruse through wish lists, pick out a gift, and have it end up in the lovely hands of our BFF in a matter of days.

Financial Assistance

Bad days can sometimes turn into bad months and we’re there to help each other. When someone is in between jobs or has too many bills to pay, we lend a hand through PayPal to help with food, living and loan payments.

Judgment Free Zone

Our group has an unofficial, official motto: If I don’t like what you’re doing I’m going to give you my opinion, but from there it’s your life and you can do what you want. It’s unofficial because it’s too long to be a motto, but official because it’s the basis of our squad-ship. We love and support each other to the very end no matter our choices or life path. Only a squad built on unconditional love and understanding can successfully grow with each other, and grow we do.

Amber Lauzé is a senior Entrepreneurial Studies and Management double major from Auburn, Maine. When not writing for HCXU, she can found at one of her many jobs, or hunting for her cat that likes to hide in blankets.
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