Living Off Campus: 6 Things to Consider Before Moving In

The start of a school year brings new challenges like classes, making friends, and meeting new professors. It also brings the housing selection process. While it seems early, especially for current freshman who picked their housing over the summer, it’s an inevitable part of college life. For those looking to move off campus, here are some tips for your new adult lifestyle.


1. Be 100% about who you want to live with

Going through housing this early in the school year may seem like an easy feat if you already know who you want to live with, but keep in mind that sometimes by the end of the school year friendships could fall apart after the lease has already been signed. Make sure you want to live with your future roommates and that there won’t be any unnecessary and stressful drama.


2. Take your walking roommates into consideration

If you have a car and are looking forward to becoming a commuter, that’s awesome! But make sure when looking for a suitable place to live to keep in mind roommates who may have to walk to campus. Going too far can make their days harder. Discuss distance and don’t go farther than someone would be comfortable biking or walking.


3. If you aren’t looking for a house, don’t stress about time

If you plan on separating from a big group and settling down in an apartment with two or three people (including yourself) don’t worry so much about getting something done now. It’s easier to find a one or two-bedroom apartment farther away, yet still close enough to walk or bike, than it is to secure a multi-person home (I didn’t sign the lease on my apartment until March at the end of my sophomore year).


4. Set up a Google Sheets over house goods

Almost everyone is experienced in Google Docs for group assignments during class, but now you can take advantage of Google Sheets. Set up a sheets document and make categories like kitchen, living room, dining room, bedroom, etc. and list objects you’ll need. Do a tour of your current house while home on breaks to help fill in the blanks. Label each person’s name with a different color, and as you buy goods highlight it with your personal color so the others know it’s been taken care of.


5. Check into Xavier Commuter Information and look at off campus housing

If you’re in a tough spot and can’t find a place to live the following year, make sure to check on Xavier’s commuter page. There’s an option for off campus housing that you can browse through, along with emails and phone numbers to contact the poster about questions and setting up a meeting.


6. Print the ultimate apartment checklist

Go online and look up drafts of questions to ask your landlord. While you may have a current list going including pets, smoking, and noise level, this will handle everything you need to know but never thought to ask like utilities, trash day, recycling, snow removal, and parking.

Good luck finding your home sweet home collegiettes!