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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Xavier chapter.

In order to do your part, here’s a few easy ways you can help the planet from your phone.  

Google launched a sustainable initiative to help educate others on creating a circular economy. It’s an interactive quiz where you can learn more about reducing your waste and creating a circular economy.

I highly recommend that you take it and share it with your friends and family. It’s a really fun way to educate without preaching to them. Check out the quiz!

Google is pretty useful, but it’s not the only search engine out there. You can actually use Ecosia, who uses their profits to plant trees where they’re needed most, meaning areas where there is a lot of deforestation. Check it out here


Forest is a Google Chrome Extension as well as an app, which provides a solution to save you from Internet addiction. You can plant a seed in Forest with a set timer, this seed will gradually grow into a tree. However, if you cannot resist the temptation and start to browse the websites on your Blacklist, your tree will wither away. If you manage through the set time, you’ll earn coins. More time, more coins. Once you hit 2500 coins, you can use them to plant a real tree.



Composting is a great way to help divert waste from landfills, but we don’t always have the materials, space, or time to compost. However, ShareWaste has created a way that allows you to connect with others who are already composting, worm-farming or keep chickens. Collect your compostable items (I store mine in a bag in the freezer so it doesn’t smell) and then sign up for ShareWaste, where you can find someone who composts near you who would be able to take it off your hands! Sign up here


Recycling can be a great way to keep items out of landfills, but most recycling is focused on glass, plastic bottles, and aluminum cans. TerraCycle is working to recycle almost any form of waste. They partner with individual collectors, as well as major consumer product companies, retailers, manufacturers, municipalities, and small businesses across 20 different countries. They can recycle any number of things. Check out this video about them and find them here! 

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