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Five Struggles of Wearing Glasses

Some people are blessed with perfect vision, or near perfect vision, which requires them to wear no glasses. Some individuals who wear glasses decide to never put them on and only wear contacts. Others only have to wear glasses when it is time for them to read, while some individuals wear glasses 24/7. Regardless of how often you wear glasses, all glass-wearing individuals can attest to the fact that wearing glasses can be difficult at times. Here are five struggles that all glass-wearing individuals can relate to!

  1. When you are working out with glasses on, the sweat that is dripping down your face causes your glasses to no longer be snugly secure on your face, and slip off.

  2. When it is raining outside and you are wearing your glasses, they get all covered in raindrops and it makes it very difficult to see. Where are windshield wipers for glasses when you need them the most?

  3. When you are laying down on your stomach with your glasses on, they can never seem to stay directly still on your eyes. They always find a way to slide down the bridge of your nose and not stay secure!

  4. After you take a hot shower and you go to put on your glasses, they are all fogged up. You need those windshield wipers for your glasses again when this struggle happens!

  5. When you want to wear super cute sunglasses, or really just any sunglasses at all, your own prescription glasses get in the way. You do have a few options: you can buy prescription sunglasses (which can be very expensive), you can wear the super cute sunglasses over your prescription glasses (which does not look super cute), or you could not wear your sunglasses at all (which would make it very difficult to properly see anything in the sun!).

Even though there are a few struggles to wearing glasses, they can look super chic, make you look super smart, and they do help improve your sight overall. For all those who have to wear glasses, do not worry: the struggles come with triumphs and so many people wear glasses in the world today! I guess wearing glasses isn’t that bad after all!

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Katie Pfeifer is a sophomore Psychology major and Gender and Diversity Studies minor. She is from Springboro, Ohio, which is about 20 minutes south of Dayton. She love to shop, dance, hang out with her friends, and listen to music. She is obsessed with animals, watching youtube videos, and traveling! She has written for Her Campus Xavier and in the past, she worked on the marketing team! She always has a smile on her face, and she loves to make people happy! :)
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