Congrats to Kylie, But Not Every Mother is So Fortunate


Kylie Jenner’s pregnancy news was a nonstop sensation from the minute it was leaked all the way up to the birth of Stormi Webster. The Kardashian/Jenner clan did a good job keeping it secret (maybe except for Caitlyn when she spoke out briefly last September, oops!) It was a hit topic in every entertainment website, every celeb gossip site, and amongst diehard Kardashian/Jenner fans. Now that the confirmation has come and gone pictures of the baby shower, Stormi’s new closet, and the new mother back in front of the mirror with designer clothes have returned to social media. It’s good to see that Kylie is sharing this new part of her life, but not every mother is so fortunate to have this level of security behind them.

Less than a month old, Stormi Webster is already worth between $1-3 million. That’s a lot of money. $1 million is a life changing amount of money for anyone who isn’t born to a makeup-mogul and reality star. Having an uncomplicated birth alone costs about $10,000 according to WebMD, plus the costs of preparing for the baby’s arrival, the prenatal care, and the estimated $245,000 lifelong expenses that are associated with being a parent.

The United States is a leader in child mortality rates in wealthy countries, with a 76% higher chance of infant mortality, and a 57% greater chance for children ages 1-19. Leading causes are persistently high poverty rates, poor education, and a dangerously weak social net. With 21% of children living below the poverty level in the United States, it makes Stormi’s fresh million dollars a prized advantage that could save the lives of millions of children.

We’ve already seen a glimpse of Kylie’s new baby closet supposedly filled with $70,000 worth of clothes. While this amount is hardly a dent to her personal fortune, it makes all the difference for those with less. Hopefully, Kylie experiences a fulfilling life with her new baby, but it’s also important to remember those who are less fortunate.