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Campus Profile: D’artagnan, Xavier’s Mascot

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Xavier chapter.


Campus Profile: D’artagnan, Xavier’s mascot

M: How are you this afternoon D’art?

D: Very good. I just got done cheering Xavier men’s soccer in their win over Georgetown!

M: That’s great! So, let’s get this interview started!

D: Sounds great!

M: Okay, so what is your favorite thing about Xavier basketball?

D: The atmosphere and the energy of the crowd without a doubt!

M: I have to agree! Now you and the Blue Blob spend a lot of time together, what is your opinion on him?

D: Blobby and I get along really well. He’s the like the little brother I’ve always wanted.

M: Well that’s adorable! So when you aren’t busy at games, what do you do with your free time?

D: Hmm, well I’m usually working on my fencing and coming up with new tricks for Blobby. I also comb the feather in my hat.

M: Great use of time. Now what are you most excited for with the upcoming basketball season?

D: Winning the national championship!

M: I hope so too D’art! Well I really appreciate your time, do you have any final statements?

D: Let’s go X!

M: I agree, let’s go X! Thanks D’art!

Thanks again to D’art for fitting me into his busy schedule and remember to say hi whenever you see him around!

Mallory (Mal) Williams is a Junior Digital Media and Advertising major, Writing minor from Chino Hills, California. When she’s not writing articles, she’s a hummus enthusiast, proud owner of a record collection, and the biggest fan of the planet Saturn you'll ever meet.