Campus Profile: Alban Schneider

Name: Alban Schneider

Year: Junior

Major/Minor: Social Work with minors in Computer Science and Gender Diversity Studies

Hometown: Cincinnati

What is your favorite thing about Xavier?

My favorite thing is the accepting and positive community.

You work on campus, can you tell us about your on-campus jobs?

I work for two departments, the first as an office assistant in Educational Leadership and HRD. My second job is as a technician in the makerspace. In this role I assist staff and students in using technology such as the 3D printers, raspberry pi's, laser cutters and more.

Would you recommend on-campus jobs to other XU students? Why or why not?

I would recommend campus jobs for a couple reasons. These jobs are convenient and in some cases fun. If that’s not enough incentive then you still have the pay for working.

Most people may recognize you as the juggler on campus, where did you learn to juggle?

I have been juggling for 13 years now, starting when I was young. My dad could juggle just barely and my school had some activities that involved juggling. After many years along with some talent shows, I was informed of a circus in town. Since then, I have expanded my knowledge and skills to five clubs, seven balls, rings, torches, knives and more. Beyond that as of the past fall, I have won an award for juggling at the Cleveland Circus festival.