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Campus Cutie: Stephanie Ibemere

Campus Cutie: Stephanie Ibemere

Year: Graduate School

Major: Nursing, Clinical Nurse Leader

Activities: Center for Interfaith and Community Engagement, ResLife/Commuter Services, Worked for Children’s and now Mercy West and otherwise with my face in a nursing book or writing 20 page papers with my free time

Relationship status: Single

Favorite sport: Hard to pick, Soccer/Tennis

Hollywood Crush: Johnny Depp

Favorite TV show: Game of Thrones

What’s your favorite class at Xavier and why?

I love my graduate level Ethics class. It challenges us as future and current nurses to seek the best for our patients regardless of how difficult it may be to stand up for the rights of the patients. In undergrad, I loved Dr. Dwyer’s 200 level philosophy class! He is a genius!

What’s your worst class at Xavier and why?

I haven’t not disliked a class yet!!!

What’s something on your bucket list?

Leg press 600lbs for 15 reps. Yes . . . I love lifting weights. Don’t be scared . . . but maybe be a little scared :) 

Where are you could you most likely be found on campus?

In Gallagher, on the first floor, at the table closest to the pillar. The fountain of knowledge is there and has been since my time here as an undergrad.

What’s your dream job?

I already got it… sort of (I am in the process of going through the motions until I pass the NCLEX)… be a cardiac ICU nurse recovering open heart surgery patients.

How did you react to being nominated as a HC Campus Cutie?

Well, poor Brittany [the Her Campus Xavier contact], she probably thought I was crazy. I was so confused! I had no idea what this was, but I feel very honored. 

Brittany is a senior accounting major from Saint Louis, Missouri and is a Campus Correspondent for Xavier University. When not organizing Her Campus Xavier, she can be found working with Tedx Xavier University or Xavier Women in Business. She  wishes she could spend all of her free time with puppies. 
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