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Campus Celeb: Mac McCullough

Are you ready for basketball season? Michael McCullough is. This week we caught up with Mac, president of The Blue Crew, to talk about Xavier Basketball. Mac is always making sure everyone is having a good time, from organizing the Friday night Mount Adams busses to painting up and getting X fans pumped for games. Keep reading to learn more about the big man on campus himself. 

Hometown: Cincinnati, OHYear: SeniorMajor: History and Secondary EducationHobbies: Club Promoting, running, writing for @XUNation on twitterOn Campus Activities: Athletes in Action and going to the CafCan you explain a little about the Blue Crew for people who don’t know?The Blue crew is an organization that paints up blue for all of the basketball games. We are die hard Xavier fans who are loud and obnoxious, but we are proud of that.

What are the best and worst parts of painting up for games?The best part is the person I transform into when I am painted and the game tips off. I turn into a blue, Xavier maniac. Nothing else in the world matters, its all about Xavier basketball. The worst part is obviously cleaning the paint off of myself. I usually have to shower for at least 45 minutes, then its a mad rush to Dana's. Sometimes my skin looks tinted blue for multiple days after a game.How did you get involved in the Blue Crew and how long have you been doing it?This is my fourth year painting up, second year as president. When I was a freshman I was recruited by a junior, Andrew Bush. He taught me all the ins and outs of painting, as well as help my passion for Xavier basketball grow.Do you have a favorite Xavier Basketball player?This is a tricky question because a lot of the guys on the team are good friends of mine, but I would have to go with Matt and Timmy Stainbrook. The Staintrain brothers (I actually gave Matt the name) are two great ball players, but even better people.How do you think the team will do this year?I think we have a very talented and well disciplined team this year. The team is young, especially with six freshmen on the team, but that youth will push the upperclassmen, creating a well oiled, Xavier basketball machine. My overall prediction is second in the Big East in the regular season, Big East tournament Champions and an elite eight run.Favorite Blue Crew Memory:My favorite memory is tied between the Big East tournament in NYC and the Crosstown Shootout last year. Beating UC is the best high in the world, but going on the court of Madison Square Garden and then running in front of traffic painted blue, on the most busy street in the U.S., after beating Marquette was awesome. All the cab drivers were beeping and yelling at me, so much fun.Favorite TV show:Parks and Rec and The League.Favorite place in Cincinnati:My favorite two places in Cincinnati are Dana Gardens and The West Side. Obviously Dana's is the best. The West Side is where I grew up, it's absolutely beautiful and Elder High School is there.Fun Fact:I am a club promoter. I work for a company called Rage Squad that promotes Longworth's in Mt. Adam's. If you are ever on the buses on Friday nights, I'm in charge of those. It is the best job in the world, I get paid to party.

Danielle Curtis is a Junior at Xavier University and is HCXU's Campus Correspondent. She is majoring in English with minors in media studies and writing. She loves traveling, reading, and watching videos of failed marriage proposals. 
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