Calling All Seniors Who Have No Idea What’s Happening!

Hard to believe that three years have passed since you first set foot on campus as a first-year. You’ve made so many memories in such a short time! And you’ve grown and changed much more than you could have anticipated. Through the ups and downs, those last three years have made a lasting impact on you. 


But this year is much different from the rest-- suddenly you’ll be launched head-first into the real world! I don’t know about you, but I’m feeling pretty stressed about it! If you, too, feel like you’re 100% not ready for the fast-approaching end of college, here are some resources to help get you through the year. 


Career Development Office

Not to scare you even more, but adulting is coming and we gotta be prepared! The Career Development Office knows exactly what you’re going through-- they help confused and fretful seniors all the time! Check out their services for resumes, interviews, and job searching. You can also talk to them about graduate school and the next steps for advancing your career after college. 



Center for Faith and Justice

Come to the CFJ for all kinds of needs, spiritual or otherwise. The CFJ can provide information on post-grad service opportunities as well as theologically-focused graduate programs. They also have fantastic programs like Alternative Breaks that provide once-in-a-lifetime immersion experiences; maybe you’ll discover a passion for service work on one of these trips!


TriHealth Wellness Center

TriHealth has lots of services to make sure that your physical and mental health get the attention they need this semester. Did you know that there is a quiet room in the HUB that you can reserve for 30-minute intervals? This space is free to use and comes equipped with massage chairs, soothing music, and peaceful activities. Reserve your spot by calling counseling services and ease that senior stress!


Don’t worry, I’m lost, too! But I promise that we’re going to make it through this year. Stay strong, collegiettes!