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Being An RA As Told By Hasan Minhaj

Being an RA is a challenging and rewarding experience. Sometimes your heart just bursts with love because your residents are so sweet! Other times, your residents drive you… a little crazy. Let’s just say that ResLife has its fair share of ups and downs. For those who haven’t lived that hashtag RA lyfe, allow Hasan Minhaj to explain this unique position.

A major part of the job is policy enforcement, but sometimes it feels like this is the only thing you ever do.

Your residents are constantly wondering why they can’t have candles in the building.

And every time you’re on duty, it’s like they haven’t learned a thing.

Because you’re on your final round of the night and you hear loud music and clinking bottles.

Or you find vomit where it definitely shouldn’t be.

Yes, being an RA can be tough sometimes. Like when your non-RA friends ask you to hang but you have duty… again.

Like, work-life balance? What’s that?

But it’s also so rewarding because you’re a resource who’s there to get them through the good, the bad, and the ugly of college life.

And their success makes you feel like a proud RA parent.

Sure, sometimes they sneak around the building wearing backpacks on the weekends.

Or they set off the fire alarm at 2 AM way too frequently.

And every month you have to convince your residents to come to the super, fun program that you put so much effort into planning.

But no one shows up, so you get to eat all the snacks by yourself.

Sometimes, you wonder why you signed up for such a demanding job.

But then ResLife brings you so many great opportunities! Like making a whole new friend group with your fellow RAs.

And you’re surrounded with friendship and support that makes you think, why would I ever not do this?

And all your hard work pays off when you can close the building and take a break from being responsible for other people!

Margot Bond

Xavier '20

Margot is a senior Economics, Sustainability, and Society major with minors in Political Science and Gender and Diversity Studies from Louisville, Kentucky. In addition to writing articles for Her Campus, she is a Resident Assistant at Xavier and involved in student sustainability. She loves listening to John Mayer, watching Netflix, and doing crosswords with her boyfriend. Most importantly, she is 100% a cat person.
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