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Back to School as Told by High School Musical

In honor of High School Musical’s 10th anniversary, we got our heads in the game and picked out our favorite HSM gifs that describe what it’s like going back to school! 

1. It’s here: that moment you get back from winter break and have to go back to school. But you’re ready.

2. It’s finally Big East season…

3. You’re reunited with your friends…

4. And you’re feeling all kinds of excitement.

5. After all, it’s a new year, and a new you!

6. So you definitely want to make an impression.

7. But these feelings fly out the window when you have to get up for your 8:00am class.

 8. And your professor decides to pile on the homework.

9. And then you realize that have to do this all over again tomorrow…

10. But it’s only the first few weeks — what can go wrong? You just gotta…

11. And always remember that you’re never alone.

12. After all: there’s only a few more months till summer!

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