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50 Things Xavier Students Can Be Thankful For

It’s no secret that college is stressful. It is so easy to get overwhelmed with exams, homework, and papers, all while trying to stay healthy, financially stable, and happy. Sometimes we get so caught up in the hard parts of college, and forget to appreciate all the amazing parts. We are all especially blessed to attend a university as amazing as Xavier, where there are so many things to be thankful for. Here are 50 things XU students can be thankful for (although this list could go on forever).

  1. Xavier Basketball
  2. March Madness (especially making it to the Elite Eight last year)
  3. Dana’s
  4. Pig Roast
  5. Dogs on campus
  6. Cafsgiving 
  7. Scholarships that make it financially possible to attend XU
  8. Seeing Bill Murray casually in Cintas
  9. XU Volleyball games
  10. Caf cookies
  11. Having two mascots
  12. NOT being UC
  13. Cool professors that actually care about you and know your name
  14. Boat dance
  15. Steve and the sandwich line in the caf
  16. Father B
  17. Free food on the yard
  18. Pong Madness
  19. Xavier sunsets
  20. Manresa
  21. Cheap concert tickets
  22. Coffee Emporium
  23. Chris Mack
  24. So many free t-shirts that you can barely fit them in your closet
  25. Camp-outs for big games
  26. Intense intramural sports
  27. Stones
  28. XavierFest
  29. So many study abroad opportunities
  30. Father Graham
  31. Community Action Day
  32. JP Macura doing the gator chomp to the Wisconsin student section
  33. Senior week
  34. The mentor program
  35. The CFJ
  36. Graeter’s
  37. Cincinnati
  38. The Thursday night Mount Adams bus
  39. Throwing newspaper confetti when the first basket is made of a home game
  40. Late night Mass in Bellarmine
  41. Short walks to class
  42. Over the Rhine
  43. A Xavier Christmas
  44. Saturday morning breakfast sandwiches in the caf
  45. DTA shows
  46. Final Fridays
  47. The fireplace in Gallagher in the winter
  48. Xavier’s Jesuit heritage
  49. Always running into a friend on your way to class
  50. The XU family…All for One, One for All
Lauren is a senior Marketing major, with minors in Economics and Gender & Diversity Studies at Xavier University. She calls Nashville, Tennessee home, and is the Campus Correspondent and President of HCXU. When she is not writing, she is planning events on the Student Activities Council, building her resume with her brothers in Delta Sigma Pi, or making random Spotify playlists. She is a Diet Coke enthusiast, and wishes she could spend every day hiking or playing with her dog. 
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