5 Famous People Who've Been Spotted at Xavier

In the past few years, we’ve had a lot of familiar faces walking around our campus - and no, we don't mean our very own "Campus Celebrities," we mean actual Hollywood celebrities. These are a few faces we've seen on the big screen, and that have been here to film big pictures.

Ryan Gosling: The 2011 movie Ides of March was filmed around a few different Cincinnati campuses, including Xavier’s very own Cintas Center and a few other spots on campus!

George Clooney: Guess who was the director of the big film Gosling was in? The Cincinnati-native came home to his roots to film at Xavier and Miami University.

Nick Jonas: His Instagram received thousands of likes from Muskies after he posted his pictures near Bellarmine Chapel while filming last summer.

James Franco: The director for the film Nick Jonas features in, is James Franco.  The movie Goat released in January of this year.

Bill Murray: Of course the student-beloved fan Bill is seen on the big screen at almost every Muskies every game! He loves to cheer the Muskies on, but he also comes to support his son Luke Murray, one of Xavier's new assistant men's basketball coaches.

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