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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Xavier chapter.

Jada Pinkett Smith, known for her work in Girls Trip, Bad Moms, and Gotham, along with being Will Smith’s wife, hosts a show on Facebook Watch called Red Table Talk. Pinkett Smith sits down at, surprise! – a red table with her mother Adrienne Banfield-Norris and her daughter Willow Smith. Red Table Talk centers around these three women from different generations tackling relevant, hard-hitting topics like racism, narcissism, and sexual assault. The perspective of three generations offers insight for the viewer of commonalities and differences between people, even within the same family. Amidst our current political climate of partnership, polarization, and miscommunication, Red Table Talk is refreshing to watch as both host and viewer build a community to learn more about current issues and challenge previously held beliefs. If you are a newcomer to the show and looking for a good place to start, I have detailed the top five episodes of Red Table Talk.

The Narcissism Epidemic: Season 2, Episode 16 

Since everyone has had an experience where they felt fooled or where a relationship has been burned, this episode will have you making all sorts of revelations. Psychologist Dr. Ramani Durvasula sits down at the Red Table to talk about different types of narcissists, how to recognize one, and the susceptibility to being in a relationship with one. This episode will leave you spooked and thinking about the people around you, but just remember knowledge is power.

What Men Really Think About Love: Season 1, Episode 26

Awarding-winning rapper Wale and actor, director Justin Baldoni sit down at the Red Table to talk about love and relationships. This honest and vulnerable discussion leads to a bigger conversation on learning about love and navigating insecurities. They explore what men and women both need and want in relationships and connections. 

Infidelity: Can Your Relationship Survive?: Season 2, Episode 6

Along with a world-renowned couples therapist, the Red Table women talk about the taboo subject of Infidelity. And there are no limits to where this discussion goes. Jade and her mother both share stories of how they have committed infidelity and been victim to it. They investigate the psyche behind why people cheat and if a couple can overcome it.

Becoming Mr. & Mrs. Smith (Part 1 & 2): Season 1, Episode 11 &12

Will Smith comes to the table, welcomed by his wife, daughter, and mother-in-law. Their relationship and dynamics come to light in this loving and honest story about how Will and Jada meet, on their marriage, and on their hardships. While they delve into this personal and private matter the audience is along for the ride as eye-opening discoveries are made. 

Unpacking White Privilege and Prejudice: Season 1, Episode 25 

In this episode, the Red Table welcomes three women to the table to discuss the divide between women of color and white women. By having the hosts along with a black woman, a white woman, and a Latino woman offers a diverse perspective on identity and entitlement. The conversation focuses on education, advocacy, and having an open mind. 

Join in this community of learning and challenge at your own risk. I promise you will walk away from this thought-provoking show with questions on your own self-reflection and growth!

Sophia is a Philosophy, Politics, and the Public (PPP) major. She is from Cleveland, Ohio and the youngest of four. When she is not being forced to read Plato you can find her around campus giving tours as a Student Ambassador for the Admissions department. Sophia is passionate about ice cream, marvel movies, and social justice issues.
Tasha Young is a senior Marketing and Communications major from Dallas, Texas. She is the Marketing Manager and Co-Correspondent for Her Campus Xavier and the Vice President of Xavier's Women In Business. She's a giant comic book nerd who loves Mexican food, pokehunting with her dog, and playing video games with her boyfriend.