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4 Unconventional Ways to Spend Valentine’s Day With your BFF

If you and your bestie have spent the last few February 14ths without plans, consider some of these fun ideas we’ve compiled to have a great, creative Valentines Day! 


1. Throw A Themed Party

What better way to celebrate Valentine’s Day then having a party? However, instead of doing the same ol’ same ol’, try to jazz it up with a theme. For example, bring back everyone’s childhood with a 90s/early 2000s party, show all of your favorite movies, TV shows, and cartoons. Make your own games by creating questions based on the culture of the time, ask questions about the music, the fashion and the cartoons. Try playing your favorite television theme songs as well and have everyone guess which program it’s from. If you’re feeling really spontaneous dress up as your favorite people from the time: Britney, Lizzie McGuire, the sky’s the limit. This is a fun, new way to celebrate Valentine’s Day by hanging out with your friends in a creative way and spreading love. After all who doesn’t love remembering their childhood?

2. Don’t like the 90s? No problem. Have a Movie Night/Smorgasbord?

Watch your favorite movies together and enjoy some food. Instead of simply watching Valentine’s Day movies however, try spicing it up, watch a genre you’ve never seen before: horror, action, international, animated, pick your poison. Then when you have all your movies sorted out, grab some food to watch it with. Instead of going for the popcorn, go for the pizza, wings, and pasta. Have everyone pitch in and make a big feast to enjoy with your movie. Cooking more your thing? Everyone can bring a recipe and all of you could cook together in order to create one big meal.

3. Not A Movie Person? We have something for you too! Arcades…. Anyone?

Dave and Busters is about twenty minutes away from Xavier. If you’ve never been to Dave and Busters, then let us enlighten you. Dave and Busters is an arcade, therefore, you can play games, earn prizes, watch sports and eat until your hearts content! Dave and Busters has games ranging from Fruit Ninja to Deal or No Deal and you can play as many games as you want depending on the coin package you choose. Dave and Busters is the perfect place to hang out with your BFFs and have some fun.

4. No Car? How about having a Sleepover?

Whatever happened to M.A.S.H., Mad Libs, and telling each other’s fortune based on a simple color? Let’s bring those games back, invite all of your friends and have a game night. The way we see it, nothing can beat the classics. When you’ve finished these games, paint nails, do makeovers and sing to your favorite songs in your fabulous pjs!


Remember, Valentine’s Day is about spending time with the ones you love regardless of what you do.

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