3 Reasons You Should Watch The Masked Singer

The Masked Singer is a singing show on Fox. It premiered on January 2,2019. In each episode a group of singers in costumes sing, and after each performance the judges make some guesses about who the singer is. Then at the end of the night, the audience votes on the singer who will be unmasked and reveal their true identity to the crowd. The contestants are everything from comedians to talk show hosts. It is a funny, weird, and interesting show. Here are some reasons that you should watch it:


1. It’s Fun

It becomes a game of excitement and intrigue as you watch these participants dance around in their costumes. The show puts your skills to the test and gives you a game of mystery as you try to figure out who is under the mask. From the costumes to the guessing games, this show is nothing but fun.

2. It’s a mystery

The excitement behind this show is the mystery. You never know who the next person to be unmasked will be. You get to watch these people, whoever or whatever they might be, come on stage and perform. Part of the fun of the show is guessing who these people are. Then you come back each week and wonder if you can guess the identity of the next person to be unmasked.

3.It’s different

This show is different then the singing shows on TV right now. Other shows like American Idol are about helping somebody become famous. However, in this show these contestants are already in the spotlight in one way or another. Also, these people are dancing around and singing in head to toe costumes which hide their identities. How many reality shows can you name with a dancing peacock or a one eyed monster?