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21 Present Ideas for Your BFF’s 21st Birthday

Let’s face it: even though you love your BFF to pieces, picking out the perfect birthday present can be extremely hard, especially when it’s the big 2-1. Whether you’re looking for something classy, fun, or extravagant, we’ve picked 21 extra-special present ideas to take some of the stress away.

Monogrammed Shot Glass

A gift that you know will get a lot of use but is still classy just like your perfect friend!

Finally 21 Wine Glass

If she’s not a hard liquor person, a personalized wine glass is another great route to go.

Hangover Relief Kit

Since you both will probably be out until all the bars close, she’s going to need some help in the morning getting over that hangover. Prepare a little kit for her so she has everything in one place.

Flash Tattoos

Decorate yourselves in these fun, fashionable tattoos before the big night out. Bonus: no worries about losing any jewelry at the bar or club!

A Funny Flask

Because who wouldn’t want a funny flask?

Birthday Margarita Glasses
Birthday Sash

It’s your best friend’s big day, and everyone should know about it.

21 Shots

If your BFF doesn’t know what kind of alcohol is her poison of choice, give her some options to try!

Make some Wall Decorations

If your BFF is lacking in some wall-art, paint her some fun alcohol-themed canvases to decorate the place up! The more puns you use, the better. You could even leave a spot for her to put a picture from her big night on it later

A Birthday Shot book

This Pinterest favorite requires some scrapbooking skills. Create 21 pages and leave from for a picture, the type of shot, taken by who, and a space for your BFF to sign her approval! Take it out to the bar and have some fun meeting new people and watch the birthday girl’s signature get sloppier as the night goes on

B-Day Bucket (or Puke Bucket)

Although it sounds pretty crude, fill a plastic bucket with all of her favorite goodies that your BFF uses on a typical night out. And who knows – maybe the bucket itself may come in handy after you return from the bars.

Initial Picture Collage

Sometimes, you just gotta remind your BFF how much you love them in the most sentimental way possible.

Morning After Mug

It’s going to take some strong coffee to get over the wild and crazy birthday night, so make a cute mug with your favorite quote for her morning after!

Jello-Shot Cake

A crowd-pleaser.

… or bake her a real cake

Although jello-shots can be nice, we’re all about those carbs. Why waste an opportunity for cake and ice cream

21st Birthday To-Do List

Similar to the shot-book, create a to-do list for your friend to get her out of her comfort zone at the bar! Include embarrassing and funny tasks to keep the night fun an exciting.

Beer Cake

If your BFF happens to be a boy, he might appreciate a beer cake more than a 21st B-Day tiara.

Liquor Cake

… and if he happens to be a hard liquor kind of guy, just put his favorite pairing together!

Take her out to dinner (and make sure you get them to sing happy birthday!)

This one is pretty self-explanatory. Mexican is always a great idea, because who wouldn’t love a giant sombrero?

Throw her a party!

You’re never too old for a surprise party.


Maybe your giant craft idea should be put on the Pinterest fail board. That’s okay, we all can’t be crafty; just get a bottle of her favorite alcohol. She’ll love it, we promise. 

Brittany is a senior accounting major from Saint Louis, Missouri and is a Campus Correspondent for Xavier University. When not organizing Her Campus Xavier, she can be found working with Tedx Xavier University or Xavier Women in Business. She  wishes she could spend all of her free time with puppies.