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10 Reasons Why You Should Be Watching Buzzfeed Unsolved

1. If you like murder mysteries they’ve got you covered

Buzzfeed Unsolved handles all sorts of mysteries, all of them unsolved, as the title suggests. Their true crime seasons cover everything from the disappearance of Amelia Earhart to the murder of the Black Dahlia.

2. If your more into the supernatural they’ve got that too!

The show has alternating seasons of True Crime and Supernatural. Supernatural follows the boys as they try to prove that ghosts are real (Spoiler: they haven’t…yet).

3. The hosts, Ryan and Shane, are hilarious

Ryan is a diehard believer in the supernatural while Shane is skeptical about ghosts, demons, and aliens but strangely, not Bigfoot. The Supernatural season is basically Ryan trying to get Shane to believe in ghosts, while true crime has the two of them talk about how serial killers are just the worst.

4. Not only are they hosts but they’re best friends in real life!

Sure, sometimes it doesn’t seem like it when they are frustrated with one another, but true friendship is dragging your best friend on top of a hill in Massachusetts and making them dress in period clothes to try and get ghosts to talk to you.

5. They visit some terrifying places

To date they’ve been to some of the creepiest places which are known for their supernatural activity including Vulture Mines, Waverly Hills Hospital, and the Goatman’s Bridge. You don’t want to be watching these episodes at night.

6. They’ve got some iconic lines

Some of these lines are, but not limited to: “Hey there demons, it’s me, ya boi,” “idk spooky stuff,” “rock and roll buckaroo and (wheeze).” It doesn’t make much sense in context too so don’t worry.

7. They have a post-show!

If you’re unhealthily addicted to Unsolved like I am then you know that new episodes come out on Fridays, but they also have a post-show called The Post Mortem that answers questions from Facebook and Instagram about the latest episode on Wednesday. That’s Unsolved twice a week instead of just once.

8. Three words: The Hot Daga

The Hot Daga: A hot dog saga commissioned by Ryan Bergara, written by Shane Madej, and adored by every single viewer. Shane’s dedication to writing and performing the Hot Daga is impressive once you know it exists to piss Ryan off.

9. They got merch

That’s right! You can buy t-shirts, sweatshirts and tote bags with a few of your favorite lines from the show or a nice drawing. Here’s my friend Claire and I in ours.

10. The show is arguably the best thing Buzzfeed has

Buzzfeed Unsolved has everything. Snarky hosts, a good plot, ghosts, demons, love, friendship, and murder. What more could you really need?

Allison Kane

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Allison Kane is a senior Marketing major and Spanish minor at Xavier University. When she's not working on the HerCampus Xavier Marketing Team, she spends her time, playing catch with her "unwilling" friends, eating Kit Kats and haning out with her fish.
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