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Summer Road Trip Necessities

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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at WWU chapter.

Stay fresh and pretty on your summer travels with these items.

Summers Eve Wipes and Foaming Cleanser

Discrete enough to take wherever you go, these wipes from Summer’s Eve will keep you feeling fresh and help you to maintain a balanced pH all day long, even after warm summer days.  They’re even free from harsh chemicals.


Essence Eyebrow Gel Pencils

If you’re going for a natural makeup look this summer, these clear eyebrow pencils from essence will help keep everything in place,without you having to worry about your makeup running if you decide to go for a swim.


Secret Deoderant Waterlily Scent

If you’re worried about the effects long car rides or flights might have on your cleanliness, Secret’s Fresh line of deoderants will stay fresh for 48 hours, keeping you smelling good for whatever the day may bring.


Keep Your Toothbrush Clean with Steripods

Vibrantly colored, Steripods will protect your toothbrush from contaminants, so you never have to worry about how clean your toothbrush is again!


Happy Travels!

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