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Storage in a Small Room

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at WWU chapter.

Trying to fit all your stuff in a small room whether it be in the dorms, an apartment, or a house can be really difficult. Here are some tips on how to store lots of things in a small space.

1. Dresser – Although it may seem simple, getting a little dresser will add lots of space to put your clothes when the closet is not enough. You can fit all the things that don’t need to be hung up into the drawers. 

2. Under Bed Storage – No matter how low your bed is, you can still fit stuff under there. From random boxes to short containers, under the bed is a great place to hide a lot. 

3. Shelves – Not only can you put cute decorations on a shelf but you can have containers which add a bunch of storage for random items that don’t really have a home yet. 

4. Seasonal Clothing – If you don’t have a lot of closet space you can put clothes from different seasons in a container. You probably aren’t going to be wearing all those sweaters during the summer so you can put them away and make room for those summer dresses and shorts. 

5. Cute Boxes – Whenever I get a pretty box, even if it’s super small, I save it. I can put random things in it and it look a lot better and way mrore organized than just having stuff everywhere.