Jaci Sherer 17'

1.Favorite class you have taken at Western?

Buddhism with Charles Wheeler

2.If you could go anywhere where would you go?

India would be awesome!

3.What is your biggest food addiction?

I could probably eat a thousand raspberries.

4.What is your worst habit?

Biting my nails.

5.What is your least favorite color?

I’m not a fan of lime green, but I do like forest green.

6.What was the last movie you watched? Did you like it?

The Lazarus Effect with Evan Peters and Donald Glover. I liked it! There were some unexpected moments and I thought the concept was cool.

7.Favorite article of clothing?

I have this black blazer that has black and white stripped cuffs. It is more casual than a normal blazer, but it can still dress up an outfit.

8.Who is your celebrity crush?

I’ve recently discovered Matthew Gray Gubler from Criminal Minds; he is super attractive.

9.Any words for your WWU peers?

If you are struggling with choosing a major like I have been for the past two years, ask yourself this: if money did not exist or did not matter, what would you choose to do with your life? I’m cheesy, but live your life, have a great year and Go Vikings!