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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at WWU chapter.

Summer is starting soon and that means you’ll probably have a lot of free time. If you plan on going out and having fun this summer, you should probably have at least some money coming in. But after 9 months of not working, it can be hard to find something good. Here are some tips to help you get that summer job!

  • Update Your Resume – If you haven’t looked at your resume and references since last year, it is time to update any dates or people. You can also add things that you did over the year, like being a club leader.
  • Look Online For Openings – Jobs are added daily to craigslist and you can check for any location. So if you are staying in Bellingham or going somewhere else, you can see openings for that area. Western also has an employment page for work-study and non-work study jobs around Bellingham.
  • Ask Around – Ask anyone, especially if they are an adult, who lives in the area if they have heard of any openings. They may also have connections at a place that you didn’t know about. 
  • Keep Options Open – If you don’t know exactly where you are going to be during the summer, apply to places in both locations. And you may want a certain job, but it is good to apply to as many places as you can to raise your chances of getting a job. 
  • Apply Now – Summer starts in about a month so positions starting in the summer are opening up now. Look and apply as soon as possible. 

Getting a job, even if it’s just a small one for the summer, can be really hard. Don’t get discouraged because it will happen with time.