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Easy Ways to Make Money This Summer

As the spring comes to a close and summer rolls in with all of its exciting possibilities like vacations, excursions and shopping sprees, there's never any harm in having a little extra cash! Whether you are planning to take summer classes or chill out and relax for three months, take advantages of these opportunities to make extra money.


Whether you are looking for something occasional or more full time, childcare is a great option. You can register for care.com for free to find various childcare jobs immediately in your area. Once you sign up you are able to see posted jobs and apply quickly and easily to the jobs of your choice.

Fancy Hands

Sign up with Fancy Hands to become a virtual assistant for members all over the world. Tasks are given a dollar amount and you can pick and choose the ones you would like to complete. The best part is this can be done from the comfort of your own home!

Have a Garage Sale

If you have a free weekend, a garage sale is a great way to make extra cash that doesn't require a long term commitment. Sift through your own belongings and don't forget to check with family and friends to see if they have items they would like to contribute. To draw more customers you can poster your neighborhood and spread the word.

Become a Lifeguard

Nothing screams summer job more than a lifeguard. If hanging out by the pool all day interests you, check in with family centers and pools near you and see if they are hiring.

Offer your house sitting services

Summer is the busiest time for travel and many people will be looking for someone to watch after their home and/or pets. This may be a good option for you if you are returning home for the summer. Ask your family to keep their eyes out for opportunities for you.

Become a Camp Counselor

If you enjoy spending time with kids sign up to become a camp counselor. Camps usually vary in length, some are all summer, some are a week or two and others are just day camps. Check in with youth programs near you like the YMCA to locate opportunities.


These are just a handful of fun and easy ways you can earn money that are bound to make your summer more enjoyable!

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