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Blank walls can get rather boring and sad but as college students, extra money for nice decorations doesn’t really exist. Some hot glue and a little bit of spray paint can take you a long way. Here are some simple and fairly easy decorations that only take a few supplies and can make your place look super cute in no time!

  • All you need for this is some popsicle sticks and glue. You can make any shape you want and even paint it to match your room!
  • Once that super expensive candle is gone, you’re left with a nice little glass what you can use for many things. Living in the northwest, there are trees everywhere so it’ll be easy to find a bunch of little branches. Then all you need is some glue.
  • Succulents are so cute and super easy to take care of. Putting them in a pretty little cup can add some class and elegance to your apartment. 
  • Another decor idea where you can use all the branches. This would look very pretty over some fairy lights. 
  • Just paint some cardboard using any type of paint and then cut out any shape you want. Tape those to some string and then you can hang it to on your wall. 
  • The next three all you need is some spray paint and stuff you already have around your house
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