Darian Havens '19

Name: Darian Havens


Hometown: Spokane, WA


Year of Graduation: That's hard to predict. I am currently working on a double combined major at Western, and am shooting for 2018. 


Relationship Status: Single


Major: Economics/Environmental Studies & Economics/Accounting


Minor: Business Administration and possibly Political Science


How have you gotten involved on campus? I have joined the Women's Lacrosse Team and the yoga club, frequented the variety of classes the gym has to offer, and have started seeking and signing up for

volunteer opportunities on campus and in the community.


What is your ultimate career goal? I want to help people and the environment. I will be going to grad school, but I have not decided on my degree yet. 


What is your favorite thing about Western? I love that Western's campus is lush with a variety of outdoor places to go. Relaxing and reading a book between classes is a bonus on a sunny day.


What's something on your Western bucket list? I would love to rent a kayak and paddle out around the Horizon ship! 


Where is your favorite place to study? I like to study at my desk in my dorm. I am currently in Buchanan Towers East, and the amount of windows all around allows for a ton of natural light, which is a must for

studying in my opinion.


What is the most interesting class you have taken at Western? Comm 235: Exposition and Argumentation with Korry Harvey


What do you like to do in your free time? In my free time/me time, which I do not have alot of, I like to lay on the couch with my dearest cat and either read or watch Netflix.


What's your favorite TV show? Tiny House Builders!!! Or really anything Tiny Home related...


What's your favorite book? 'A Sudden Light' by Garth Stein


Where do you see yourself in 5 years? I see myself just out of grad school in an off the grid tiny home wherever my future career takes me.


What advice would you give to incoming students? Accept yourself as you are in the moment and love unconditionally.