Best Blue Book Coupons

Every quarter we are forced to go to the WWU bookstore all at the same time.  The lines are long and seem never ending.  Plus, you are only there to spend hundreds of dollars on books that you aren't even sure if you will open once.  However, once you have finally made it to the front of the line, you get what you've been waiting all break for... THE COUPON BOOK!

WWU has partnered up with a coupon company that reaches out to local businesses in the Bellingham/ Whatcom County area to provide students with exclusive deals.  Her Campus has decided to make getting those deals even easier by letting you know what we think are the absolute best coupons in each quarter Big Blue Bonus Book's.  


Now that Boomuary is officially over, it's hard to go back to paying full price for a burger.  Lucky for us Western students, there are three coupons (one per month) for a free burger when you buy any burger, fries, and drink.


Screamin' Eve (and Adam too)

With the sun starting to shine more often and swim suit weather just around the corner, it might be time to shed the winter coat you might have grown out this long winter.  Screamin' Eve is a waxing studio that caters to both women and men.  The coupon that is in this book and many others in the past is 20% off any waxing service they offer.  



We couldn't make this list without talking about a few of our favorite places in Fairhaven.  Creativitea is an adorable shop where you can paint pottery, make glass art, and drink tea with friends.  The coupon this quarter is for $3 off and pottery or glass project of your choice.  



Another place that is perfect for the new warmer weather is Mallard for ice cream.  They have the craziest flavors but they all somehow still taste delicious.  They have two coupons in this book.  One is for 50 cents off an ice cream cone, and the other is for $5 off a t-shirt.  Don't forget they only take cash!