5 Tips To Your Best Sex


1.     Be the Initiator

If you are constantly waiting for your partner to get things going that is not really fair. Take charge and show them you’re interested, now.


2.     Be Explicit and Honest

Tell your partner what you want; being vague does not help anyone. Tell them what you want and where. And if for some reason something isn’t working for you do not fake it. Dirty talk is hot a fake orgasm is not.


3.     Know You First

Everyone masturbates and it is a good time. It is important in learning what you like and how so. Get to know you and then you will have an easier time helping someone else get to know you that way.


4.     Be Selfish Sometimes

Sometimes that big climax takes longer than expected and that is fine. Your partner can do it whether it takes 5 minutes or 50 minutes. Let them know you want it and they will get you there. Then you can return the favor.


5.     Relax and Have Fun

Don’t micro manage everything you are doing. It doesn’t matter what noise you are making or if you are doing something right, YOU ARE. Just being you and doing what comes naturally is going to produce the most toe-curling fun for you and your partner.