18 College Struggles the Ladies of Gilmore Girls GET

1. Mornings always come too early. Whether you are staying up late to cram for exams or humoring the "just one more" mentality during a Netflix binge, the next morning you are always reaching for the snooze button.




2. Midterms, quizzes and finals. Oh my! The 15 minutes it takes to shower and pull a decent outfit together is 15 precious minutes that would be better spent studying!




3. Functioning on a shoestring budget. There's really no way around it; college is expensive. Tuition, books, rent, gas, groceries (and hello VikingFood delivery!) add up quickly. Pinching pennies and clipping coupons really doesn't seem to be enough.



4. Waiting for grades to be posted. You work so hard all quarter to meet your assignment deadlines, the least your professors can do is post your grades before the last possible second.




5. Time management. How can you check everything off your to-do list while still harboring your procrastination habit? The first step is admitting you have a problem.




6. Making new friends. Transitioning from in class "peers" to friends can seem like a big step. To bridge the gap, start by bonding over your mutual hatred of the class, the professor or even the weather.




7. Weekends are sacred, we NEED our rest.



...and when we aren't resting we are anticipating the rest we are going to be needing.




8. Getting to the gym. Whether you are working out, compiling excuses of why NOT to work out, or debating whether you even need to go to the gym, these all seem like a real hassle.




9. Trying to consume as much food as humanly possible while also staving off the freshman 15. This can be especially difficult when you are constantly being tempted by ice cream and curly fries in the dining hall. Even if you're not hungry, food can be a great way to socialize.




10. Having people question your major. Regardless of your major, you have people question your decision, and skepticize about your career prospects.





11. Group projects. They can be a blessing or a curse. Usually the latter.




12. Getting homesick. This is one of the biggest struggles for a lot of college students. You can't really be prepared for it, and there's not a lot you can do once it hits except ride it out.




13. Thinking about the future is scary. So you don't know what you are doing after college? That's okay, most people don't! Who needs a five year plan when you are only trying to get through one quarter at a time?




14. Dating in college. Dating, period. Just..what? Did we miss flirting 101?






15. When your TV show seems way more fascinating than your homework/laundry/cleaning/life.



16. Having roommate withdrawals. Even after being gone for a weekend, it can feel so good to be reunited with the roomies.




17. The countdown to break is going way too slowly. That doesn't mean you can't fantasize!





18. You can't decide if you want time to freeze or fly by. College can be frustrating and stressful and sometimes you want to just skip ahead to graduation. Other times, you just want to freeze the moments and live in them forever. Either way, remember college won't last forever so you should enjoy the moments while they last.